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Cambodia & Laos Fundraisers

Thanks to Steve Overholt and the players @ the Etobicoke Bridge Centre

Days for Girls...for their charitable donation. This donation will be used by Maria Pollieri (Toronto team for Days for Girls), an Etobicoke-based grassroots charity that sews and distributes sustainable feminine hygiene kits to 6th graders around the world, with the sole purpose of keeping them in school and giving them their days back. Their motto is EveryGirl.Everywhere.Period.
The funds raised by the Etobicoke Bridge Club will be used towards the kit components, primarily fabric, sewing notions, and panties!

"We now use all their kits to distribute to all the girls at our schools in Cambodia. It is a great programme. We were able to acquire 192 kits for our school girls in Cambodia," said Barbara and Patti.

On behalf of the Toronto Days for Girls Team and their volunteers (Richview Collegiate, Etobicoke Colegiate, Rotary Clubs of Toronto West and Etobicoke, the Etobicoke Quilters Guild, Cloverdale Sewing Center, St. Demitrius Women's Circle, and many others), and Barbara and Patti, thank you very much for your support.


On Monday May 6th and Tuesday May 7th, Joan Johnson ran two bridge games in honor of Carolyn Heyn, who died earlier this year. These games were in memory of a wonderful bridge teacher, a good friend to many, and an amazing, fantastic lady.

In Memory of CAROLYN HEYN Carolyn loved the charity, that Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee started, to assist the children of Cambodia to get educated and to learn good sanitation habits. It also helps village families by supplying families with toilets, and helping the adults to learn new skills and thereby to get jobs.

Together, Carolyn and Joan had run a fundraiser in May, 2018 to raise money for this charity; at that time, they raised over $12,000USD …. a huge amount of money. Knowing Carolyn’s love for the Cambodian projects, Joan suggested that anyone, who wanted to, might contribute to this good cause. And so many people responded with donations. The total is now over $4,200 USD.

Money goes a long way in Cambodia. $4,200 USD represents 1/8 of all the costs to support all 5 schools and over 600 students for a full year OR it means that 7 families will each have a good, safe, private toilet.

As Joan said, “Carolyn will be looking down from heaven with a big smile on her face”.

We will miss Carolyn, but we will honor her memory with these funds. Thank you all so much.

With gratitude
Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You to Pat and Sally and to all of you, who came out and supported this event.

Barbara and I are both so appreciative of your generosity. Cambodia Fundraiser Thank You

Money certainly goes a long way in Cambodia:

$5,000 is 1/7th of the amount of money we need to support all 5 schools and over 600 students for a year (including salaries for 16 people, taxes, leases, hydro costs, and supplies)
$5,000 would build 8 toilets (separate buildings with extra room for the women to wash themselves. A toilet means that a family has a safe, private facility. Since many families are 3 generational, each toilet is used by 6 - 8 people).

Cambodia Fundraiser Thank You


Cambodia Fundraiser Thank You

Patti and I would like to thank all of you for attending our Cambodia fundraiser yesterday. We had a record number of attendees: 172. You were all amazing. The event was a huge success. We raised over $54,000.00 and we're still counting. We are hoping to still reach over $55,000.00.

Patti and I are still trying to build a war chest so that the schools can continue on for many years after we can no longer do the fundraising.

The silent auction was a great success raising almost $14,000.00. (VIEW ITEMS)
Thank you to the donors who gave such excellent items for auction.

Thank you to all of you for your enthusiastic bidding on these items! The art auction was a big success! Thank you to our wonderful artists, Ann Katz, Indrani De Silva, Joyce Cram and Ron Katz for their donations and also to Westmount Art Gallery, a wonderful west end art gallery that is always so good to us.

Cambodia Fundraiser Thank You

Thank you to our volunteers:
Enid Roitman who organized the whole silent auction and never stops helping us prepare for the entire event and works tirelessly throughout.

Ann Katz came the day before to set it all up with us and stayed to pack it all up, as did her husband, Ron Katz who did all the heavy lifting for two full days.

Thank you to John Rayner who was the star of the show and gave a superb lecture on Fourth Suit Forcing with quizzes and hands to illustrate.

Two hours of bridge heaven. John has been so generous with his time over the past few years.

John and his lovely wife, Jill Thompson now run Bridge at the Briars. Join them Oct 25-27. See flyer under cruises and trips at It is a wonderful weekend.

Lee Daugharty. Most of you know Lee. What a guy! He loaned us 24 card tables and all the bridge mates and then came and picked them all up on Friday. Lee is the Director at the Briars.

Josee Hammill is our wonderful teacher at our School of Bridge. Josee just won the Audrey Grant Award for teaching excellence. Josee always helps a great deal with all our events.

Stephen Laufer was our director on Friday and did a great job. I always forget to say thank you to my husband, Alex Kornel who is always there for us and helped with directing the game.

Lucia McCurdy sold (& modelled) lots of scarves for us; Susan Trumper, Josee and Indrani sold art auction tickets. Several other volunteers pitched in. You were all fantastic. Forgive us if we have missed your name.

Cambodia Our Projects

Bridge Cruises & Trips

We hope you can join us on our upcoming bridge cruise and/or bridge trip!

APRIL 28 - MAY 17, 2020


700 passengers. Crew 445 Cabins: 350 Tonnage: 48,075 Length: 709" Beam: 93'


This is NOT a REGENT bridge programme. Barbara & Alex are not working for the cruise line, only for the Vision group. You must book with Vision Travel in order to participate in our bridge programme. Note: Space is limited as it is a small ship. Book early for best situated cabin. Our trips sell out a year in advance.

Price Includes:
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  • Free specialty restaurants
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  • Penthouse suites & higher: Free personal butler


  • PRICES START AT USD $10,599.00 Category F. per person dbl. occ.
  • CANADIAN RESIDENTS: PRICES START AT CAN $13,549.00 Category G per person dbl. occ.
  • Final payment due: Nov 18, 2019
  • SHIPBOARD CREDIT: $400.00 USD per cabin if booked by March 10, 2019.
    $200.00 USD shipboard credit if booked after March 10, 2019.

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Interested in learning about bridge?

Listen to Barbara Seagram break down the game of bridge!Barbara Seagram (Toronto, Canada) ran one of the largest and most successful bridge clubs and bridge schools in N. America for many years, the Kate Buckman Bridge Studio. After selling the club in 2006, she now concentrates solely on teaching and organizing her popular bridge cruises, in addition to building and sustaining schools in Cambodia (thanks to the support of so many in the bridge community and her partner in this venture, Pati Lee). An ABTA Master Teacher, Barbara has co-authored many successful titles, most notably 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know. With more than 300,000 copies in print in English alone, this book is the bestselling bridge title of the last 50 years. It has been translated into Japanese, French, Danish and German.

Listen to a brief interview with Tracy Mumford about the TV show “Fargo,” with a 10 minute interview (at the end) with Barbara talking about the game of bridge.

To book any trip, contact PAOLA SHAW

Her telephone numbers are:

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Paola is an excellent agent with years of experience.

Her attention to detail is legendary
and she can help you with ANY trip you wish to go on.


You asked for it again!

by Barbara Seagram & David Bird

ONLY $19.95 + tax = $20.00 (Special!)

Following the runaway success of Practice Makes Perfect, bridge teachers asked the authors to produce a similar companion book to 25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know.

And here it is -- a brief summary of each of those 25 MOREconventions at the start of each chapter, followed then by example hands that can be dealt out and used to apply your new knowledge.

Such conventions as: Cappelletti, DONT, Inverted Minors, Redoubles, Four Suit Transfers, Forcing No Trump, Control Bidding, Exclsion Blackwood, Bergen Raises, Gambling 3NT, Support Doubles, Puppet Stayman, Flannery, Unusual versus Unusual.

Contact Barbara via email: to get your copy!!! You may pick up the books from us at a convenient address in North Toronto if you pre-arrange by email. We leave orders between our doors.


This limited edition lithoprint has been created for us by Martin Holt, an artist in Israel. It is made possible by Alan Rickhayzen (a British bridge player living in Germany).

Seagram Thank U Partner

Buy one lithoprint for $230.00 CAN including shipping and $50.00 Can of this will now go to Barbara and Patti's Cambodia School programme.

SIZE: 20" wide by 16" deep.

I just purchased one and had it framed. It looks fabulous in my living room. - Barbara

There is tremendous detail in the artwork, all related to the game of bridge, the game we love.

Please order. You'll love it! AND you will be supporting Cambodia while you are at it. Go to

You will also receive a few greeting cards with the above print on the front.

With thanks from Barbara & Patti.

ABTA 2018 Book of the Year




by Barbara Seagram

Barbara Seagram and David BirdBarbara's first book in this series (also co-authored by David Bird) won Book of the Year Award by the American Bridge Teachers' Association: Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand.

That first book introduced the basic concepts of how to go about making a plan as declarer for beginning and improving players, and is a popular text for bridge teachers. This sequel extends the plan to more complex situations, and covers ideas such as safety plays, avoidance play, trump control, dummy reversal, and endplays.

It will appeal to players who have a good grasp of the basics of declarer play, and are looking to improve from there.

Books are available from:

  • Lee or Wayne at their excellent Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and evening games at Temple Sinai Synagogue @ 210 Wilson Ave.
  • Josee at Trinity Presbyterian Church at 2737 Bayview Ave on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • By email from Barbara
  • You may pick up the books from us at a convenient address in North Toronto if you pre-arrange by email. We leave orders between our doors.

$22.95 + tax. SPECIAL: $22.00 plus shipping.(Love our taxation system!!)

Buy Book # 1 and 2 for $40.00.




by Barbara Seagram

Over the years, readers have suggested that it would be an even better book if it offered some way to practice what they had learned. Now, here it is: Barbara's 25th book...a brief summary of each of those 25 conventions, together with example hands that can be dealt out and used to apply your new or brushed up knowledge.

It can be mailed to you or you can pick it up in Toronto.

$19.95 + tax = $20.00
plus shipping

Available by emailing Barbara at , or at Temple Sinai 210 Wilson Ave or at 2737 Bayview Ave on selected days only. It can be mailed to you or you can pick it up in Toronto!

Two Over One TEXT BOOK


by Barbara Seagram

Simply explains all you need to know about this system that has swept the world. Quizzes within will make you very comfortable with the system very quickly. And if you don’t play it, at the very least you should understand what your opponents are playing.

$20.00 plus shipping

Available by emailing Barbara at

Barbara Seagrams Doubles Cheat SheetBarbara Seagram's DOUBLES CHEAT SHEET

Takeout doubles, Negative Doubles, Support Doubles, Redoubles, Lead Directing Doubles, Lightner Doubles, Responsive Doubles, Penalty Doubles

Available in person at our Bridge Studio, or by email to


NEW CHEAT SHEET - Two Over OneEverything you need to know about this system, in a nutshell. Simply explained. Why you need to know the system that has swept North America by storm!

  • What is the Forcing No Trump
  • Questions to agree on with partner
  • Recommended conventions you should consider playing
  • Opener's rebid after Forcing 1NT
  • Rebids by Responder after bidding Forcing 1NT
  • Raising Partner's Major
  • Tips to Help you Learn 2/1
  • Semi-Forcing No Trump & an alternative approach
  • Fourth Suit Forcing
  • Quizzes
And lots more!

Now available at Temple Sinai 210 Wilson Ave or at 2737 Bayview Ave on selected days only or email Barbara with your address & we will send it to you by postal mail,

If you don't have Barbara's other cheat sheets, we will be happy to send these out to you. Just send us your postal mailing address and we will send.

When you receive the package, have a look to see cost of postage on outside of packet. Send us a cheque for cost of the product and add the postage. Sorry but we do not take credit cards.

Special Valid until September 30th!

Get your Doubles, Two Over One, Intermediate, Advance and Defence Cheat Sheets

Email Barbara to ORDER:
CALL 416-487-8321

NEW BOOK - The Pocket Guide to Even More Bridge ConventionsThe Pocket Guide to Even More Bridge Conventions
by Barbara Seagram & David Bird

A summary of all the fancier conventions. A VERY useful summary in a nutshell. You will love it.

$9.95 + tax = $10.00 OR we can mail to you for discounted shipping price: Add $2.50

Available @ Temple Sinai 210 Wilson Ave or at 2737 Bayview Ave on selected days only, or by contacting Barbara @ 416-487-8321
or by email,

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know
Barbara Seagram Bridge Books - Great Gift Ideas


Which book will help YOU the most?

Barbara Seagram Bridge Book Descriptions
  • Books on Conventions
    For Advance Beginners and Intermediate Players
  • Books on Bidding, Playing and Defending at Bridge
    For Beginners and Intermediate Players
  • Quiz Books
    For Beginners and Intermediate Players

Did You Know?

Barbara was in Cambodia February 14-24!

Watch the video as Barbara teaches English along with the A, B, C's, completing the lesson with a very energetic sung song to school children in Hin Pan & Phou Vien Villages, Luang Prabang District (Laos)

From March 1 - March 18, Barbara is on a river boat in Myanmar!


Canadian Kindness Felt in Faraway Cambodia

Most people in the bridge world know Barbara Seagram as one of the top teachers, a prolific author and an intrepid tour guide. What's not so well known is how far she will go
to help her fellow mankind.

Canadian Kindness Felt in Faraway Cambodia

About three years ago, Seagram and fellow tour guide Patti Lee discovered a need in Cambodia and went into action. Today, they and their supporters sustain the operations of four schools in Phnom Penh area, paying for electricity, supplies (including computers) and the salaries of teachers and librarians.

Cambodian Schools Collage

Funds to help run the schools come from the bridge players of Canada. "We couldn't do it without them," says Lee, a retired IBM accountant executive who took up teaching and directing bridge after leaving the company. Continued...


Zero Tolerance

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 ACBL Bridge Bulletin. To join Am Contract Bridge League, email Barbara at

The ACBL is renewing the public education campaign initiated by Seagram, Cronin and Jacobs more than 15 years ago.

The theme, "Play nice," transposes two words we all like to hear at the table ("nice play!").

New posters have been developed and are being disseminated to all clubs.

Barbara Seagram - Zero ToleranceSays Seagram,
"I think that all players are responsible for policing this situation. When I call a director about a problem (perhaps at an adjacent table), I make a point of checking with the director later to see what penalty was awarded. If none was, the director gets to listen to me expound on the subject, and if that doesn't work, I then a) report the situation to ACBL and b) speak to the offender myself."

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SEPTEMBER 1st, 2019


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