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NEW BOOK: Bridge - The Magic of Defense $24.00 USD $28.00 CAD - Order from store or email Barbara at      NOW AVAILABLE: Barbara Seagram Video Lessons with Student Notes Purchase Lessons
January 25th

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I must say that I am grateful for everything you do for bridge. You have been dubbed, "The Commissioner",
so when we have disagreements, we crack out one of your books. - A.B.

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Barbara Seagram - Master These Secrets

Now Available

Granny Didn’t Know These Tricks
Master These Secrets!

$14.00 CAD $10.00 USD (Regular $25.00 CAD)

The site is in CAD $ but if you are in USA,
your credit card will automatically convert to USD

This lesson is all about becoming a masterful declarer!

A brand new lesson to make you think differently!

Cost includes a full set of student notes with all the hands that illustrate the concepts.

Here's what you get!

  • Video Lesson (Audio & Video)
  • Student Notes

Click here to purchase the lesson!


Hello Barbara,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful lesson " Granny Didn't Know These Tricks." I watched it on you tube as I couldn't attend your zoom broadcast live. You presented information that I'm sure i wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. Your hand examples were spot on and you explained them in a way easy to understand. I just wanted you to know how much i appreciate your lessons. You preserve this beautiful game of bridge by sharing your knowledge and years of experience with your students. I look forward to any you might decide to do in the future. Thank you so much!
D. L.

Bridge - The Magic of Defense


BOOK #38!

$24.00 USD    $28.00 CAD (REG. $34.30 including tax)

This book is loaded with practice hands galore, quizzes, tips and many concepts you need to take your game to the next level.
Buy one for your partner, since I know you don't need it!

Available in our online store and we will ship!


You've put together a tremendous book - this will take a newer player quickly up to an intermediate skill level, if not beyond, with all of the tools needed to progress even further, provided they make even the slightest effort to absorb the lessons and tips you've provided The mix of ideas presented in the chapters, and then reinforced with such a tremendous selection of hands, perfect for the topic of the chapter, but also carrying forward themes introduced earlier, with gentle repetition of the most important factors, will be a tremendous learning aid for the ambitious player and for those just wanting to up their game. And you've made the text fun, memorable, and an easy guide to best defense, all at the same time. I can think of many bridge friends I can't wait to introduce to this book. I wish this had been available when I was first trying to get all of this in my head!

I received 2 copies of the Magic of Defense yesterday. I bought one for my partner. I absolutely love this book. I have been baffled by how to think about a hand when on defense. I have read multiple books. This book makes it so clear. Your examples are right on target. I feel like I am having a private lesson with you. I have only given two chapters a review. But I know this is going to unlock so much for me. Thank you.
BARBARA WAY (Play More Bridge)

I am loving THE MAGIC OF DEFENSE and this morning I chose to put down the new James Patterson and continue with MAGIC.
D.W. (A Bridge Teacher)

Your latest book is advertised as your last. That is too bad. It is the best book on Defense that I have seen. This book will have a prominent position in our Bridge Library, right next to “Barbara’s Bridge Tips” and all our other Barbara Seagram’s books? Please keep an open mind about this being your “last” book. And please keep sending out the monthly Bridge Tips and Quiz from you and Alex. It is so helpful. Thanks so much for helping so many Canadians to become better Bridge Players.
J & D

The book is excellent. Very well-written in plain simple understandable language. While I have heard or read and used the basics so well described in your book, I have learned a great deal especially about how to think as a defender and your quizzes have been helping me test myself. I was playing on BBO the other day with an unknown international partner and was on lead with a flat , no sequence , limited point hand and led following your guidelines. The hand ended up scoring 95.8 % in our favor as I waited for declarer to finesse toward my limited honors. What a treat! Thank you.

The Magic of Defense is the very best bridge book I’ve read in 4 years. I cannot put it down.

Your book arrived yesterday. It looks splendid and covers technical ground well beyond what I was expecting. The quality of your deals is excellent, and the book will surely add to your list of wins. You can be proud of it.

Bridge Cruises & Trips


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Linda Tuff will be the tour leader, bridge teacher and Director. Linda is a fantastic bridge teacher and player and director. She is from Halifax, Nova Scotia and we have known her for many years. Linda won Teacher of the Year in 2022 for all of North America. You will love her. Book early as these cabins will sell out quickly.

Barbara & Alex will be sailing as well but just to have fun and visit with everyone and to partner many of you at bridge.

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Barbara Seagram Bridge Books

  • Books on Conventions: For Advanced, Beginners and Intermediate Players
  • Books on Bidding, Playing and Defending at Bridge: For Beginners and Intermediate Players
  • Quiz Books: For Beginners and Intermediate Players

Seminars and Special Games
Three-Part: Slam Bidding Bridge Series NOW AVAILABLE

Three-Part: Slam Bidding Bridge Series

  • Video Lesson 1: HAND EVALUATION + Digital PDF Notes
  • Video Lesson 2: CONTROL BIDDING + Digital PDF Notes
  • Video Lesson 3: MORE ON SLAM BIDDING + Digital PDF Notes

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $55.00 CDN

Be a Better Declarer NOW AVAILABLE

Be a Better Declarer

This lesson will pull together all you need to know about declaring a hand of bridge in a trump suit contract. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Learn all the different techniques and how to spot which one applies to the hand you are dealt. Partners will be lined up to play with you! Level: Intermediate.

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $25.00 CDN

Counting At Bridge NOW AVAILABLE

Counting At Bridge

Imagine if you knew the exact shape of your opponent's hand without even peeking! Learn how to do this and make all those tough contracts your partner put you in! This lesson will take you to the next level of your bridge excellence.

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $25.00 CDN

Reverses & Other Challenges At Bridge NOW AVAILABLE

Reverses & Other Challenges At Bridge

Reverse is not a scary word! Unravel its mysteries! Then we play lots of hands, guiding you through aspects of declarer play, bidding and defense.

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $25.00 CDN

End Plays Made
End Plays Made
An Intro To Two Over One
An Intro To Two Over One

Free Introduction to Bridge Lesson

FREE Introduction to Bridge Lesson

Watch Barbara's FREE video of an introductory class.
Approx. 28 minutes.

A taste of bridge for brand new players!
NOTE: The video is NOT designed for people to take lessons from me or at our school.

It is for players everywhere to seek out bridge lessons in their community and YOU can help them to find those lessons! Please send this link ( ) out to your friends, family, bank teller(!) and anyone else you come into contact with.

If you care about the future of our game, you will promote bridge everywhere and try to get people back to your local club(s).

Watch the Video!!

Books & Products for Bridge
Barbara's Bridge Tips

BOOK OF THE YEAR: Barbara’s Bridge Tips

Whether you have been playing for a while or you’re not very experienced, this book will help you to move your game up to the next level.

The tips cover all aspects of bridge — bidding, play and defense. Advice and examples are drawn from material Barbara Seagram has developed for her students over the last twenty years — it’s like having your own personal bridge coach sitting beside you!

ON SALE: $20.00 CAD + postage
$17.00 USD + postage

Email Barbara ( ) to order
pick up from Barbara in Toronto!

This is my fourth time winning the Book of The Year award and I am thrilled. "Barbara's Bridge Tips" is my first solo book. It was my Editor's (Ray Lee) idea and he was an enormous help.


Barbaras Quizzes - NEW BOOK

$22.00 CAD but on special for $18.00 CAD
or $16.00 USD
plus postage (if you cannot pick up in Toronto)

Pick up in Toronto is at 220 Lawrence Ave East (between Bayview & Mt Pleasant)

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new book. SO much work has gone into it. This is the preface:
When I first began to learn this wonderful game of ours, it was explained to me by my teachers that the key to successful bridge is not being more brilliant than your opponents. In the long run, you will win more games by making fewer errors than they do. If you and your partner are communicating effectively (making bids that state your shape and values accurately) then your partnership will reach the right contract (and, even better, keep your opponents from theirs) more often.

Time and time again, in my bridge career, I have found this advice to be proved only too true. But how do you make sure your bidding is up to scratch? The answer is easy:

1. You buy this book, and
2. You do the quizzes

And, because you are serious about your bridge, you score 100% (well done!)

And then...and this is the important part... you make sure partner does the quizzes as well. (I would suggest buying partner another copy of this book because I know you will not want to risk losing this one!)

You may have to work with partner until partner does as well as you. But, I promise, this journey will be worthwhile.

All kidding aside, I've written this book so you have a fun way of finding out how much of modern bridge bidding fundamentals you have mastered. It is also a tool that will help you identify and improve any areas of your game that may need some work. I suspect (and am hoping) you will want to share this with your regular partner.

There is some similarity to some of the Covid quizzes but these have all been completely revised, and reworked. The answers are far more comprehensive and this is now such a great learning tool.

I urge you not to write the answers in the book but to use a scrap of paper because you will want to return to the book time and time again to see how much your bridge has improved.

Comments from recent purchasers...

Hello Barbara,
I attended your Killer Defence lesson at MOB club yesterday. It was awesome! This morning I looked at your Barbara’s Quizzes booklet and learnt 4 things on the first page. Over the last few weeks, I have been reading and learning from your book, The Magic of Defense that you sent me. Now I need a Barbara’s Quizzes book for each of my partners!

So, Rogers thought they 'did me in!' Internet,no land line, no cell phone, no t.v. and there i am....stranded. But, Rogers forgot about Barbara Seagram's Bridge Quizzes. I lay on my sofa with your bridge quizzes and enjoyed the whole afternoon and evening thanks to you.Not to mention that I learned a lot. -- All the best. I hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

Hi Barbara
I was visiting Toronto for a grandchild's wedding. My children then drove me around to show me where i might like to live when i move there in April. Actually I thought I should live with you and after 6 months of intensive instruction i would emerge as the 'white swan' of bridge. I don't remember the flight on Air Canada to and from Wpg. to Toronto and return because i took your new Barbara's Quizzes with me. I started the first page as we were taking off and suddenly I was in Toronto. By the way i also learned a lot. The quizzes were really fun to do and then test myself. Barbara, you make everything sound so easy and so logical.
All the best and thanks for the Quizzes.

2 Ways to ORDER

Order by emailing Barbara

  • In Canada, you may pay by etransfer to AKORNEL@SYMPATICO.CA.
    But email me so that we have all your details
  • Americans, you can mail a check to:
    Barbara Seagram,
    220 Lawrence Ave East,
    Toronto, ON M4N 1T2 CANADA.
    But email first so we can get the book on the way to you.

OR you may order from our online store but above is best for us.

(American Bridge Teachers’ Association)
Barbara's Newest Book (# 36)

Book of the Year 2022

Playing party bridge or teams, declarer's objective is to make his/her contract -- nothing else matters. Playing it safe is of vital importance.

Yet playing safe can take many forms -- it might involve simply choosing the best line of play, or keeping one opponent off lead, preserving entries, or even giving up a trick you don't have to lose, all in the cause of bringing that contract home securely.

Playing matchpoints (regular duplicate bridge), there are times when safety is more important than anything else.

Recognizing all these situations, and knowing what to do when you encounter them, will improve your bridge scores by leaps and bounds.

Retail: $25.00 On special: $22.00 CAD.
$20.00 USD Postage extra.

You can also pick up at 220 Lawrence Ave East, Toronto. (Near Yonge & Lawrence)

OR you may order from our online store but above is best for us.


My completely revised book: 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know is now in stock!



  • $24.00 (reg $27.95 CAD $)
  • $20.00 (reg $21.95 USD $)

Plus postage OR pick up from our home at 220 Lawrence Ave East, Toronto

Live in Canada? Click here to purchase

Live in USA? Click here to purchase

If you prefer to pay by email transfer or check, please email me and I can easily arrange that.

Clues - A Recording

Clues: Become A Deadly Declarer

  • What did they Bid?
  • What did they lead?
  • What did they play?
  • What do they have?

This is the lesson that I gave in person on Oct 13 this fall. But it is now recorded as an onscreen presentation as many of you asked me to do. In person, we could only manage six hands, here we will do 14 hands!!!

If I do a Zoom live class, we can manage 9 hands usually so you are getting maximum value for a recorded lesson such as this.

You can watch part of it and then take a day or two off or an hour or two. Then you can return to the recording and it will pick up where you left off. All in the comfort of your own home!

To purchase this, click on links below: You will then be sent a link to the recording and the full set of notes that goes with this. This is being done through my online store. The recording will not be on your account but it will be available at all times through the link you will be sent. AND if you lose it, I will send it again, very quickly. Just ask.

Cost is $25.00. It is 2 hrs and 18 minutes.

Live in Canada? Click here to purchase

Live in USA? Click here to purchase

If you prefer to pay by email transfer or check, please email me and I can easily arrange that.


New Minor Forcing

  • This is a very important convention that you need in your arsenal.
  • Barbara Seagram makes it easy to learn.

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $25.00 CDN (approx. $19.00 USD)

 Take Your Declarer Play to a New Level NOW AVAILABLE - SEPTEMBER 2021 LESSONS

Timing and Magic in Declarer Play Lessons

  • Watch the spots and learn to develop extra tricks like magic.

  • Suit contracts and NT contracts. To pull or not to pull (trumps that is). All that and more...

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $55.00 CDN (approx. $44.00 USD)

NOTE: $25.00 goes to Water filters in Laos charity.

June 2021 Bridge Lessons NOW AVAILABLE - JUNE 2021 LESSONS

  • Big Hand Bidding and Play
    (2 hour Recorded Video Lesson + Notes)

  • Judgement at Bridge
    (2 hour Recorded Video Lesson + Notes)

If you do not know how to evaluate and revalue your hand, you will miss a whole lot of games and you will also miss lots of slams. You simply have to get a few realities cemented right now, if not sooner. Avoid errors in judgement and improve your bidding, declarer play and defense.

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $55.00 CDN (approx. $44.00 USD)

The site will automatically convert to USD on your credit card
if you are in USA.

FULL access to the lesson recording for an unlimited time


January 25th Newsletter

Check out the lastest bridge events, current bridge games and seminars newsletter for information!


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AND ALSO please click on the link below.

It is just a formality to stop my newsletter emails from being labelled as spam.

You may then get a confirmation email that says either
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Click on the “Yes, I’m sure” or whatever it says and then we are good to go.

If you are having trouble viewing pdf's,Download Free PDF Reader please download the latest Adobe PDF Reader

Barbara Seagram's Bridge Quiz

Quiz #90
(In January 25th Newsletter)

Answers at the bottom of the newsletter!

Get your Doubles, Two Over One, Intermediate, Advanced and Defence Cheat Sheets

Email Barbara to ORDER:
CALL 416-487-8321

BUY 4 CHEAT SHEETS: $40.00 or
Special is on until February 29, 2024


Takeout doubles, Negative Doubles, Support Doubles, Redoubles, Lead Directing Doubles, Lightner Doubles, Responsive Doubles, Penalty Doubles

NEW CHEAT SHEET - Two Over OneBarbara Seagrams Doubles Cheat Sheet

Available in person at our Bridge Studio, or by email to


Everything you need to know about this system, in a nutshell. Simply explained. Why you need to know the system that has swept North America by storm!

· What is the Forcing No Trump
· Questions to agree on with partner
· Recommended conventions you should consider playing
· Opener's rebid after Forcing 1NT
· Rebids by Responder after bidding Forcing 1NT
· Raising Partner's Major
· Tips to Help you Learn 2/1
· Semi-Forcing No Trump & an alternative approach
· Fourth Suit Forcing
· Quizzes
And lots more!

Comment from a recent purchaser...

Hi Barbara
YOUR CHEAT SHEETS are saving my life; they are wonderful!!!!! You can quote me. !!! They are so to the point and so easy to understand; invaluable if you are unsure


Contact Barbara by email
to order cheat sheets or books.

If you don't have Barbara's other cheat sheets, we will be happy to send these out to you. Just send us your postal mailing address and we will send.

When you receive the package, have a look to see cost of postage on outside of packet. Send us a cheque for cost of the product and add the postage. Sorry but we do not take credit cards.

Barbara Seagram Zoom Lesson Recordings


Click here to purchase!
ONLY $25.00 CAD (approx. $20.00 USD)

The site will automatically convert to USD on your credit card
if you are in USA.

FULL access to the lesson recording
for an unlimited time

The opening lead is so very important. It communicates so much to partner and often sets the tone for the entire contract.
This one card can explain the triumphs or the disasters for the defenders on any given hand.

2 hour bridge training + Barb's Notes!

Purchase and watch anytime afterwards.

2 Lessons - Defensive ThinkingTWO HOUR LIVE LESSONS
Defensive Thinking & Strategy

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $50.00 CAD (approx. $40.00 USD) total
for both recordings. (i.e. $25.00 CAD each)

FULL access to the recordings for an unlimited time

Receive a full set of notes too!

Purchase and watch anytime afterwards.

Each lesson has some guiding principles, followed by play of hand with commentary all the way.

Mini Bridge Lessons


1. Balancing

2. Michaels Cuebid & Unusual NoTrump

ONLY $25.00 CAD
(approx. $19.00 USD) total
for both recordings.
(i.e. $12.50 CAD each)


Unlimited access and notes will be provided.

Take More Tricks - Become a Brilliant DeclarerDeclarer Play Techniques:
Collection of 5 lessons WITH handout (PDF), 10+hours of Video Training

  • Play of the hand in NT contracts, safety plays, danger hands & hold up plays.
  • Play of the hand in suit contracts, when to delay drawing trump, how to choose which technique is best for playing a hand.
  • Ruffing, cross-ruffing, discarding, developing long suits, finessing and ruffing finesses.
  • Lesson 1: Play of the hand in a No Trump Contract
  • Lesson 2: The Dangerous Opponent
  • Lesson 3: Play of the Hand in a Suit Contract
  • Lesson 4: Loser on a Loser
  • Lesson 5: Long Suit Establishment

Get Unlimited Access

A little bit of everything for players of all levels. Something for everyone.


The Summer Bridge Bundle:
Collection of 20 Lessons WITH handout (PDF), 40+hours of Video Training

Get Unlimited Access
Total Value $800

What You're Going To Get In The Summer Bridge Bundle:

  • ​Lesson 11: Weak Two’s
  • ​Lesson 12: Introduction to Two Over One
  • ​​Lesson 13: Locating Opponents’ Honour Cards
  • ​​Lesson 14: Common Errors To Avoid
  • ​Lesson 15: Fourth Suit Forcing
  • ​Lesson 16: My Kingdom For An Entry
  • ​​Lesson 17: Thinking Ahead
  • ​Lesson 18: Defensive Signalling
  • ​​Lesson 19: Preempt Your Way To Success
  • L​esson 20: Winning Bridge Techniques
  • Lesson 1: All About No Trump
  • ​Lesson 2: All About Doubles
  • ​Lesson 3: Negative Doubles
  • ​​Lesson 4: Major Suit Raises
  • ​Lesson 5: Killing Defence
  • ​Lesson 6: Play of The Hand
  • ​Lesson 7: Control Bidding in Slams
  • ​Lesson 8: To Strip and Conquer
  • ​​Lesson 9: Practice Your Slam Bidding and Play
  • ​​Lesson 10: Defense Against No Trump Contracts

Collection of 4 Lessons WITH handout (PDF), 8+hours of Video Training

PURCHASE September
Collection of 2 Lessons WITH handout (PDF), 4+hours of Video Training

Collection of 9 recordings WITH handout (PDF), 18+hours of Video Training

Collection of 5 recordings WITH handout (PDF), 10+hours of Video Training

Books & Products for Bridge

Book Sale

Barbara's three Quiz books on Declarer Play, Bidding and Defense.

Special: All 3 for $39.00* or 2 for $28.00*

  • Reg. price: $15.95* + tax each

Also on SALE are 2 Eddie Kantar books. Declarer Play and Defense.

These two books are the two best bridge books ever written.

Your Declarer Play and your Defense will improve so much when you read these books. VERY easy reads! Revised and updated very recently by Barbara Seagram.

  • $32.00* CAD / $24.00* USD for both
  • $17.95* CAD + tax for one
    $13.95* USD + tax for one

NOTE: *Postage extra. Email Barbara, with postal mailing address, or pick up at 220 Lawrence Ave East, Toronto

Planning the Defense

Planning the Defense
Barbara Seagram & David Bird

Ten years after their award-winning Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand, Seagram & Bird tackle the hardest part of the game: defense.

Using the same step-by-step approach, they guide the reader through the minefield of:

  • signaling
  • making a defensive plan and, above all
  • counting - points, tricks and distribution.

Available at our school or at Lee's bridge club or Wayne's bridge club or at Stephen's bridge club or by contacting Barbara at

ABTA 2018 Book of the Year



by Barbara Seagram

Barbara Seagram and David BirdBarbara's first book in this series (also co-authored by David Bird) won Book of the Year Award by the American Bridge Teachers' Association: Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand.

That first book introduced the basic concepts of how to go about making a plan as declarer for beginning and improving players, and is a popular text for bridge teachers. This sequel extends the plan to more complex situations, and covers ideas such as safety plays, avoidance play, trump control, dummy reversal, and endplays.

It will appeal to players who have a good grasp of the basics of declarer play
and are looking to improve from there.

Books are available from:

  • Lee or Wayne at their excellent Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and evening games at Temple Sinai Synagogue @ 210 Wilson Ave.
  • Josee at Trinity Presbyterian Church at 2737 Bayview Ave on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • By email from Barbara
  • You may pick up the books from us at a convenient address in North Toronto if you pre-arrange by email. We leave orders between our doors.

ON SALE: $15.00 CAD + postage
$16.00 USD + postage




by Barbara Seagram

Over the years, readers have suggested that it would be an even better book if it offered some way to practice what they had learned. Now, here it is: Barbara's 25th book...a brief summary of each of those 25 conventions, together with example hands that can be dealt out and used to apply your new or brushed up knowledge.

It can be mailed to you or you can pick it up in Toronto.

Available by emailing Barbara at , or at Temple Sinai 210 Wilson Ave or at 2737 Bayview Ave on selected days only. It can be mailed to you or you can pick it up in Toronto!

Two Over One TEXT BOOK


by Barbara Seagram

Simply explains all you need to know about this system that has swept the world. Quizzes within will make you very comfortable with the system very quickly. And if you don’t play it, at the very least you should understand what your opponents are playing.

Available by emailing Barbara at

NEW BOOK - The Pocket Guide to Even More Bridge ConventionsThe Pocket Guide to Even More Bridge Conventions
by Barbara Seagram & David Bird

A summary of all the fancier conventions. A VERY useful summary in a nutshell. You will love it.

Available @ Temple Sinai 210 Wilson Ave or at 2737 Bayview Ave on selected days only, or by contacting Barbara @ 416-487-8321
or by email,

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

Scarves from CamobodiaNEW SHIPMENT

Patti and Barbara have a fresh supply of lovely scarves, all pure cotton, from the weaving centre we support in Cambodia. We also have some black ones.

The money all goes to the weaving centre ladies in Cambodia.
More info...Click here

Contact Patti Lee at
Barbara Seagram at

Did You Know?

Barbara taught and english lesson while in Laos!

Watch the video as Barbara teaches English along with the A, B, C's, completing the lesson with a very energetic sung song to school children in Hin Pan & Phou Vien Villages, Luang Prabang District (Laos)


Zero Tolerance

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 ACBL Bridge Bulletin. To join Am Contract Bridge League, email Barbara at

The ACBL is renewing the public education campaign initiated by Seagram, Cronin and Jacobs more than 15 years ago.

The theme, "Play nice," transposes two words we all like to hear at the table ("nice play!").

New posters have been developed and are being disseminated to all clubs.

Barbara Seagram - Zero ToleranceSays Seagram,
"I think that all players are responsible for policing this situation. When I call a director about a problem (perhaps at an adjacent table), I make a point of checking with the director later to see what penalty was awarded. If none was, the director gets to listen to me expound on the subject, and if that doesn't work, I then a) report the situation to ACBL and b) speak to the offender myself."

Buy Zoom Recordings

Buy ZOOM Recordings

Adventures in Bridge
Focusing on strategies, bidding techniques and importance of understanding opponents' bids.
Plus Digital PDF Notes
Click Here to BUY

Slam Bidding Bridge Series

Plus Digital PDF Notes
Click Here to BUY

Clues: Become a Deadly Declarer
Zoom Lesson and Notes!
ONLY $25

Counting at Bridge
Zoom Lesson and Notes!
Click Here to BUY

Reverses & Other Challenges At Bridge
Zoom Lesson and Notes!
Click Here to BUY

End Plays Made Simple
Zoom Lesson and Notes!
ONLY $25

Introduction to Two Over One
Zoom Lesson and Notes!
ONLY $25

New Minor Forcing
Zoom Lesson and Notes!
Click Here to BUY

Timing and Magic in Declarer Play
Zoom Lesson and Notes!
NOTE: $25.00 goes to Water filters in Laos charity.

Click Here to BUY

June 2021
Two 2 Hour Seminars
(Big Hand Bidding and Play & Judgement at Bridge)
WITH handouts (PDF)
Click Here to BUY

Defensive Thinking and Strategy
Two 2 Hour Seminars
WITH handouts (PDF)
Click Here to BUY

Opening Leads
2 Hour Seminar
WITH handout (PDF)
Click Here to BUY

Mini Bridge Bundle
Two 1 Hour Seminars (Balancing AND Michaels Cuebid & Unusual NoTrump)
WITH handouts (PDF)
Click Here to BUY

Declarer Play Techniques
Collection of 5 lessons
WITH handout (PDF)
Click Here to BUY

Summer Bridge Bundle
Collection of 20 lessons
WITH handout (PDF)
Click Here to BUY

Collection of 2 recordings
WITH handout (PDF)
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Collection of 4 recordings
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Student Reviews

This has definitely been the year of bridge for me! Lots and lots of practice and all your courses, has made a big difference. And good for my confidence. Of course, you know how bridge is, we are always questioning what should we do in this situation and what to do in that situation and if we take on this new convention then it messes up that convention. I guess you never stop learning. Anyway, thanks so much for everything. I couldn’t have a better teacher and mentor. I took some of your courses on Bayview years ago when I started playing bridge. To this day, I believe the foundation for good bridge practices was set thanks to your classes. I really appreciate all you have done for bridge in Canada.

Hey Barb—your ears must’ve been ringing today! I played bridge with three friends who I haven’t seen in awhile. One of the friends is 93 and lives in Sarasota, having moved there from Baltimore a few years ago. I mentioned to them that a friend and I are planning to attend your bridge seminar at the GCC in September. Mary Lou, the 93 year old who lives in FL, remarked that she attended one of your seminars there. She raved about it, and then everyone, including myself, piped in to say how much we have learned from you! So I just want you to know that we think you are the very best bridge teacher in the whole world! Joan and I can’t wait to meet you in Greensboro and I know we will learn a lot and also have a great time.
Love from your friend in Baltimore, T.D.

I would like to say a BIG “Thank you”. I’m truly enjoying your on line courses and excellent books. You seem to answer my questions before I even realize I have a question(s). Some experts can’t come down to the level of a beginner/learner. We are so fortunate that you can. You are excellent at explaining, even the most complex subject, so we can understand and not get totally frustrated.

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Possibly the best bridge class I have ever had. Not only did you cover NMF, but all sorts of other situations that come up all the time and that I have been bidding incorrectly forever. And loved all the bidding detail, 12/13 bid next level, jump with 14, etc. Takes away so much guess-work. I took pages and pages of notes!

Hi Barbara,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class! It provided immediate results: my friend Debbie and I got 3.5 MPs yesterday on a BBO 499er game (1st of 86 pairs!). Thanks again,
Sue Nieland

Hi Barbara,
I find your bridge lessons to be so helpful. Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching. I wish I had started learning to play bridge when I was much younger. However, that being said, it is your enthusiasm, helpful instruction and guidance that keep me motivated. I am also so happy to support the wonderful work that you, Patti Lee et al are doing in Laos. Take care and stay well.

I just wanted to drop you an email and thank you for your wonderful bridge lesson videos. The lessons are excellent and I enjoy them very much. I even watch them while on the treadmill!! I find these videos to be extremely helpful to my knowledge of conventions and defense and play of the hand. I’m also enjoying the new book, Barbara’s Bridge Tips. Bridge is just so interesting. The more you learn, the more you want to learn. What a great game! Your lessons were one of the best things that came out of the pandemic. Thanks for all you have done to increase my knowledge and appetite for learning more bridge.
Norma M.

Your bridge teaching has helped me immensely over the years! I have been a voracious reader of the "25 series" ever since the first one that you published in 1999. In addition, I have benefitted immensely from the electronic resources that you have provided online, such as the Zoom lesson for St Petersburg Bridge Club last August. Today, I have been enjoying your lesson on Defensive Moves at ACBL's Endless Summer.
Stephen L.

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  Current Newsletter

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Class Locations

Post-Covid Location
Armour Heights Presbyterian Church
105 Wilson Avenue
(Just south of the 401, between Yonge and Avenue Road). JUST west of Yonge Blvd & east of Cricket Club.

All seminars/workshops with Barbara Seagram and all classes with Josée Hammill and Lorraine Eaglesham will take place at our new location!


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