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Contact Barbara via email, with your name / address / city / province (state) / postal code (zip code) and phone number.

Once Barbara receives your email she will ship the order to you.

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Toronto, ON, Canada
M4N 1T2

NOTE: We DO NOT take Pay Pal, credit cards or any other online payment method.

Seminars and Special Games

Zoom - Upcoming

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Meeting ID: 875 4862 6343

Barbara will hold online classes through July and August
on Wednesday's @ 4 pm.
Proceeds from the July classes will not go to charity...
BUT you still get the Covid-19 price.

If you wish to pay differently than the ONLINE option,
you can pay through:

Email transfer to:

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Barbara Seagram, 220 Lawrence Ave East, Toronto ON M4N 1T2 Canada

July Zoom Classes

  • July 22: Locating Opponents' Honour Cards
  • July 29: Common Errors to Avoid
  • August 5: Fourth Suit Forcing
  • August 12: My Kingdom for An Entry
  • August 19: Thinking Ahead
  • August 26: Defensive Signalling & Strategy

Collection of 5 recordings WITH handout (PDF)

Collection of 9 recordings WITH handout (PDF)

105 Wilson Avenue<br />North York

NEW LOCATION (Effective September 1, 2019) (MAP)

Armour Heights Presbyterian Church
105 Wilson Avenue
North York, ON M5M 2Z9
Just south of the 401, between Yonge and Avenue Road.
JUST west of Yonge Blvd & east of Cricket Club.

To register for all bridge seminars or special bridge events, please call us at 416-487-8321 or email .

Due to COVID-19 restrictions,
there are NO classes at school in foreseeable future.


Check in with Josée on

  • Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm


  • 4 players play 2 hands, with Josée advising on the proper bidding once you have finished bidding. Then you play the hand.
  • After two boards, 4 new players join.
For those not actually playing a hand that round, you can watch and listen to the bidding and playing commentary. There may be opportunities to ask questions after each hand.

Be sure to get an account with

  • Log in to BBO at This will take you to the lobby. If you have not joined BBO yet, you will need to register with a user name and a password. Registration is free.
  • Once you log on to BBO, the first screen you will see has a menu that includes Play or Watch Bridge.
  • In order to find where I am teaching you will need to add me as a friend . My user name on BBO is JoseeTeach. To add me as a friend, look to the right of your screen, and you will see a tab that says People. Click on this and at the bottom of that screen, where it says Add Friend, add my user name JoseeTeach. Once it shows me online, you can click on my ID and my profile will appear.
  • Go to the top of the profile and click on the blue "Join" button. That will take you to the teaching table.

This part is definitely new for all of you and is very important.

This will be an BBO audio (voice) lesson. When you get to the table you will see a yellow button that says Voice. Click on that button. If you have trouble hearing, make sure that you have your volume turned up. If you don't see the yellow button, you may need to log off and change browsers. Chrome and Firefox seem to work well.

If you are using a tablet to access BBO you can't take advantage of the voice feature from the app. Best to open your browser on our tablet and go to Then you will be using the site as if you are on a laptop. I highly recommend you do it this way so you can listen to my wonderful bridge tips :)

Doug Cowan will be joining me to help out. His user ID is wdoug1 so you can always ask him questions privately. Add him as a friend also. If you require more help over the phone ask either one of us.

Let's have fun playing some bridge and connecting again! We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evenings!


Josée will teach a 2 day course on Two Over One on
Sep 21 and Sep 22. 9.30 - 11.30 am.

This will be taught online on Zoom.
COST: $ 48.00 CAD. Text book extra.

Check out Josee's website or email Josee at or call 416-300-9140.


Our Tuesday evening Newcomer Games have been cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19 concerns.
Tuesday morning games are now over.

We realize that the word Duplicate can be pretty scary sounding for many of you. Often newer players unfamiliar with the term think it means a whole different kind of bridge. We also recognize that it can be pretty intimidating to walk into a bridge club where everyone else seems to know what they are doing, and it feels like you are the only one who doesn't! The Barbara Seagram School of Bridge at Armour Heights Presbyterian Church, 105 Wilson Avenue, is pleased to introduce some opportunities for you to come and play duplicate in a super relaxed environment. If you are already an experienced Duplicate Player, please tell your friends who are only playing social/kitchen/party bridge. Do tell them what a wonderful chance they have to learn. Unlimited help available!


Exciting news!!! You can play with Stephen online!
We've developed a Virtual Bridge Club that's easy to use. If you need any help, then Robin, Doug, Susan, and I will help you get online and assist you getting started. Do not be reluctant to start playing... we'll help you through it. Just send us an email at: and we'll respond.


  • Tuesdays: Play and Learn (Supervised) at 12:30 p.m. (Masterpoints: 0-20)
  • Thursdays: Easy Duplicate at 12:30 p.m. (Masterpoints: 0-100)
  • Thursday Eve: Game Night 499'er at 7:00 p.m. (Masterpoints: 0-499)

Please come a bit early.

Cost $11 per person/game payable at the door.

We have games ALL year round! Partnerships arranged!

Come join friendly, enthusiastic players eager to learn and advance our love of the Game!

Stephen's Bridge Club -    Director: Stephen Laufer   Tel: 416-729-8600   Email:

We are so grateful to our volunteers: Robin Stephens, Susan Trumper, Ann Katz, Lorraine Eaglesham and all others. We are always in need of more volunteers on Tuesdays to fill in or answer questions for the newer players.

Have questions? Need a partner? Contact Stephen at