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Seminars and Special Games
Clues - A Recording

Clues: Become A Deadly Declarer

  • What did they Bid?
  • What did they lead?
  • What did they play?
  • What do they have?

This is the lesson that I gave in person on Oct 13 this fall. But it is now recorded as an onscreen presentation as many of you asked me to do. In person, we could only manage six hands, here we will do 14 hands!!!

If I do a Zoom live class, we can manage 9 hands usually so
you are getting maximum value for a recorded lesson such as this

You can watch part of it and then take a day or two off or an hour or two. Then you can return to the recording and it will pick up where you left off. All in the comfort of your own home!

To purchase this, click on links below: You will then be sent a link to the recording and the full set of notes that goes with this. This is being done through my online store. The recording will not be on your account but it will be available at all times through the link you will be sent. AND if you lose it, I will send it again, very quickly. Just ask.

Cost is $25.00. It is 2 hrs and 18 minutes.

Live in Canada? Click here to purchase

Live in USA? Click here to purchase

If you prefer to pay by email transfer or check, please email me and I can easily arrange that.

Did you know?

Barbara will be teaching in Florida & Barbados. Join us if you will be nearby!

  • St Petersburg Bridge Club (West coast): Thursday December 2
  • Gulfstream Bath & Tennis Club (private club): Jan 10 & 11, 2022
  • Naples Bridge Center (West coast): Wed. January 12, 2022
  • Vero Beach Bridge Center (East coast): Tues. January 18, 2022
  • John's Island (private club): Jan 24 & 25, 2022
  • Barbados: Mon 14 Feb & Tue 15 Feb, 2022


New Minor Forcing

  • This is a very important convention that you need in your arsenal.
  • Barbara Seagram makes it easy to learn.

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $25.00 CDN (approx. $19.00 USD)

 Take Your Declarer Play to a New Level NOW AVAILABLE - SEPTEMBER 2021 LESSONS

Timing and Magic in Declarer Play Lessons

  • Watch the spots and learn to develop extra tricks like magic.

  • Suit contracts and NT contracts. To pull or not to pull (trumps that is). All that and more...

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $55.00 CDN (approx. $44.00 USD)

NOTE: $25.00 of this goes to Water filters in Laos charity.

June 2021 Bridge Lessons NOW AVAILABLE - JUNE 2021 LESSONS

  • Big Hand Bidding and Play
    (2 hour Recorded Video Lesson + Notes)

  • Judgement at Bridge
    (2 hour Recorded Video Lesson + Notes)

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $55.00 CDN (approx. $44.00 USD)

The site will automatically convert to USD on your credit card if you are in USA.

FULL access to the lesson recording
for an unlimited time

If you do not know how to evaluate and revalue your hand, you will miss a whole lot of games and you will also miss lots of slams. You simply have to get a few realities cemented right now, if not sooner.

Avoid errors in judgement and improve your bidding, declarer play and defense.


Click here to purchase!
ONLY $25.00 CAD (approx. $20.00 USD)

The site will automatically convert to USD on your credit card if you are in USA.

FULL access to the lesson recording
for an unlimited time

The opening lead is so very important. It communicates so much to partner and often sets the tone for the entire contract.
This one card can explain the triumphs or the disasters for the defenders on any given hand.

2 hour bridge training + Barb's Notes!

Purchase and watch anytime afterwards.

2 Lessons - Defensive ThinkingTWO HOUR LIVE LESSONS
Defensive Thinking & Strategy

Click here to purchase!
ONLY $50.00 CAD (approx. $40.00 USD) total
for both recordings. (i.e. $25.00 CAD each)

FULL access to the recordings for an unlimited time

Receive a full set of notes too!

Purchase and watch anytime afterwards.

Each lesson has some guiding principles, followed by play of hand with commentary all the way.

Mini Bridge Lessons

2 (1 hour) Mini Bridge Video Lesson Bundle Available
For Unlimited Viewing
To Improve Your Bridge Play!

1. Balancing

2. Michaels Cuebid & Unusual NoTrump

ONLY $25.00 CAD (approx. $19.00 USD) total for both recordings. (i.e. $12.50 CAD each)

Get Unlimited Access


Take More Tricks - Become a Brilliant DeclarerNEW!! Declarer Play Techniques:
Collection of 5 lessons WITH handout (PDF), 10+hours of Video Training

  • Play of the hand in NT contracts, safety plays, danger hands & hold up plays.
  • Play of the hand in suit contracts, when to delay drawing trump, how to choose which technique is best for playing a hand.
  • Ruffing, cross-ruffing, discarding, developing long suits, finessing and ruffing finesses.


  • Lesson 1: Play of the hand in a No Trump Contract
  • Lesson 2: The Dangerous Opponent
  • Lesson 3: Play of the Hand in a Suit Contract
  • Lesson 4: Loser on a Loser
  • Lesson 5: Long Suit Establishment

Get Unlimited Access

A little bit of everything for players of all levels. Something for everyone.


The Summer Bridge Bundle:
Collection of 20 Lessons WITH handout (PDF), 40+hours of Video Training

Get Unlimited Access
Total Value $800


What You're Going To Get In The Summer Bridge Bundle:

  • Lesson 1: All About No Trump
  • ​Lesson 2: All About Doubles
  • ​Lesson 3: Negative Doubles
  • ​​Lesson 4: Major Suit Raises
  • ​Lesson 5: Killing Defence
  • ​Lesson 6: Play of The Hand
  • ​Lesson 7: Control Bidding in Slams
  • ​Lesson 8: To Strip and Conquer
  • ​​Lesson 9: Practice Your Slam Bidding and Play
  • ​​Lesson 10: Defense Against No Trump Contracts
  • ​Lesson 11: Weak Two’s
  • ​Lesson 12: Introduction to Two Over One
  • ​​Lesson 13: Locating Opponents’ Honour Cards
  • ​​Lesson 14: Common Errors To Avoid
  • ​Lesson 15: Fourth Suit Forcing
  • ​Lesson 16: My Kingdom For An Entry
  • ​​Lesson 17: Thinking Ahead
  • ​Lesson 18: Defensive Signalling
  • ​​Lesson 19: Preempt Your Way To Success
  • L​esson 20: Winning Bridge Techniques

Collection of 4 Lessons WITH handout (PDF), 8+hours of Video Training

PURCHASE September
Collection of 2 Lessons WITH handout (PDF), 4+hours of Video Training

Collection of 9 recordings WITH handout (PDF), 18+hours of Video Training

Collection of 5 recordings WITH handout (PDF), 10+hours of Video Training

Student Reviews ZOOM Lesson Student Reviews
Excellent, excellent, excellent! Possibly the best bridge class I have ever had. Not only did you cover NMF, but all sorts of other situations that come up all the time and that I have been bidding incorrectly forever. And loved all the bidding detail, 12/13 bid next level, jump with 14, etc. Takes away so much guess-work. I took pages and pages of notes!

Hi Barbara,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class! It provided immediate results: my friend Debbie and I got 3.5 MPs yesterday on a BBO 499er game (1st of 86 pairs!). Thanks again,
Sue Nieland

Hi Barbara,
I find your bridge lessons to be so helpful. Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching. I wish I had started learning to play bridge when I was much younger. However, that being said, it is your enthusiasm, helpful instruction and guidance that keep me motivated. I am also so happy to support the wonderful work that you, Patti Lee et al are doing in Laos. Take care and stay well.

I just wanted to drop you an email and thank you for your wonderful bridge lesson videos. The lessons are excellent and I enjoy them very much. I even watch them while on the treadmill!! I find these videos to be extremely helpful to my knowledge of conventions and defense and play of the hand. I’m also enjoying the new book, Barbara’s Bridge Tips. Bridge is just so interesting. The more you learn, the more you want to learn. What a great game! Your lessons were one of the best things that came out of the pandemic. Thanks for all you have done to increase my knowledge and appetite for learning more bridge.
Norma M.

Your bridge teaching has helped me immensely over the years! I have been a voracious reader of the "25 series" ever since the first one that you published in 1999. In addition, I have benefitted immensely from the electronic resources that you have provided online, such as the Zoom lesson for St Petersburg Bridge Club last August. Today, I have been enjoying your lesson on Defensive Moves at ACBL's Endless Summer.
Stephen L.

This has definitely been the year of bridge for me! Lots and lots of practice and all your courses, has made a big difference. And good for my confidence. Of course, you know how bridge is, we are always questioning what should we do in this situation and what to do in that situation and if we take on this new convention then it messes up that convention. I guess you never stop learning. Anyway, thanks so much for everything. I couldn’t have a better teacher and mentor.


In January and February, Josée will offer two 4 week courses aimed primarily at a very gentle level. These are for less experienced players. Do tell your friends.

Both courses will come with the Eddie Kantar Book of the same Title (recently Revised and Updated by Barbara Seagram). Lessons are recorded and unlimited access granted once registered and paid for the course.


  • Wednesdays – January 5, 12, 19, 26 – 4 to 5:45 pm Eastern Time

Do you love playing bridge? Are you looking to do more this winter? Still feels like Play of the Hand is puzzling at times? Then you NEED this course!

Topics covered: Counting Losers, Counting Winners, Ruffing losers in the Dummy, Extra Winners in the Dummy or in Declarer’s Hand, Long Suit Establishment (aka Taking Tricks with Tiny Cards), When and How to take a Finesse and much more!

$155 CDN for 4 weeks. Add $5.74 if you require postage of the book.


  • Wednesdays – February 2, 9, 16, 23 - 4 to 5:45 pm EST

Have you noticed that you are defending at bridge 50% of the time? That is right! Did you know that being on Defence is the most fun you can ever have at the bridge table even when you do not have any points in your hand? Let me teach you how to have more fun and to gain respect from all players when you show them you know how to defend!

Topics covered: Opening Leads against No Trump and Suit contracts, 2nd hand play, 3rd hand play, signalling against No Trump and Suit contracts and much more!

$155 CDN for 4 weeks. Add $5.74 if you require postage of the book. Includes Eddie Kantar’s book, other handouts, LIN files to practice on BBO, PPT presentation in PDF format (all yours to keep forever) and taxes.

Register for both courses – Receive a 10% discount - $280 CDN.
Add $11.48 if you require postage of the books.


Contact Josée preferably by email at, indicating your choice of course or by phone at 416-300-9140

Include First and Last Name, email address, mailing address if you require mailing of the textbook.

Payment by etransfer to email address

Otherwise, a cheque to:
Josee Hammill, 418-1717 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 0A2 Canada

How do I get my book?

  • Pick it up at the address above, in Toronto (two weeks before the class starts).
  • By mail: add the postage costs to the course fee ($5.74 CDN for 1 Book / $11.48 for 2 Books). Please allow for 3 weeks delivery to avoid delays.

For Students Outside of Canada:
Please mail your check to:
Josee Hammill, 418-1717 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 0A2 Canada

Alternatively, you may choose to pay in US dollars via PayPal to email address
and also by clicking on this link,


Please contact Josee to find out correct amount including postage of text book* and Pay Pal admin fees.

*Textbook included & shipped by regular mail. Please allow for 3-4 weeks delivery. Post offices in USA and Canada are very slow at this time.

Keep checking Josée's website, for future updates on games for novice players and course packages to be purchases.

Contact Josée preferably by email at or by phone at 416-300-9140.

Individual Sessions on Zoom: With Jean Collins

Jean Collins

As we return to Face-to-Face bridge, you will be expected to have with you a convention card detailing what you and your partner play (special conventions, special systems, what you lead, what your signalling system is, etc.).

Meet Jean Collins who has agreed to help you with this! Jean will guide you through all parts of the convention card, advising how to fill in each section. If time allows, we will also go over doing the same for your BBO games.

I have known Jean many years. She is a retired high school teacher who has found great joy in being able to enjoy the fun of teaching bridge. She has among other things taught at the Barbara Seagram school of Bridge and supply taught for me a number of times. Her convention card presentations at tournaments and cruise ships have always been well received. So you can see why I feel you are in great hands!

When we were discussing how much to charge for the lesson, Jean suggested that I direct all the proceeds toward a charity of my choice. As a result, all proceeds earned from this lesson will be divided equally between Armour Heights Church ( where I rented space prior to Covid and also Arise Ministry ( ARISE Ministry empowers individuals involved in the sex trade to reclaim their lives.

Completing A Convention Card

  • DATE: Tuesday, January 11th, 4 to 5:15 pm EST.
  • PRICE: $20 (all proceeds go to charity)

This lesson will be recorded and available to all who register. To register, please email Josée

Thinking Bridge – Plan Your Moves!

Whatever seat you are in, you have to be planning your moves. Let’s spend these sessions where we explore what it feels like to sit in any and all 4 seats, and think like an expert. Only time you will be allowed to relax will be when in the dummy’s seat

Lessons are recorded and will include a PDF of all the hands demonstrated on BBO, including commentary on bidding, opening lead, declarer’s strategy and defensive moves.

  • DATES:
    Wednesday, January 19th, 10-11:45 am EST
    Wednesday, February 16th, 10-11:45 am EST
    More dates to be added in March and April.
  • PRICE: $25 per session

To register, please email Josée

If you have 0-20 master points, OR know someone new to the game, note that Josee and Lee are now running games for novice players:
Games every Wednesday at 7:15 pm and Saturdays at 12 pm.


LOTS of fun and a great opportunity to play in a TOTALLY non threatening environment.

If you are new to these games, first contact Josee at for all details. We need to do this so Lee can get your name into the system so you can sign in easily.

This is an amazing opportunity. Do try this!

105 Wilson Avenue<br />North York


Armour Heights Presbyterian Church
105 Wilson Avenue
North York, ON M5M 2Z9
Just south of the 401, between Yonge and Avenue Road.
JUST west of Yonge Blvd & east of Cricket Club.

To register for all bridge seminars or special bridge events, please call us at 416-487-8321 or email .


We realize that the word Duplicate can be pretty scary sounding for many of you. Often newer players unfamiliar with the term think it means a whole different kind of bridge. We also recognize that it can be pretty intimidating to walk into a bridge club where everyone else seems to know what they are doing, and it feels like you are the only one who doesn't! The Barbara Seagram School of Bridge at Armour Heights Presbyterian Church, 105 Wilson Avenue, is pleased to introduce some opportunities for you to come and play duplicate in a super relaxed environment. If you are already an experienced Duplicate Player, please tell your friends who are only playing social/kitchen/party bridge. Do tell them what a wonderful chance they have to learn. Unlimited help available!

Lees Bridge Club

210 Wilson Ave, Temple Sinai, Toronto ON M5M 3B1


    NOTE: The Saturday game is directed by Emma Knight who is a superb director. Assisted by Lee Daugharty. Some of you will know Emma as the director who runs the Sunday games at Toronto Bridge.

These will be hosted at You and your partner will be allowed to sign up for these games beginning at 10:00 a.m. the morning of the games. These will be 24-board games and the price will be US$5 per person. I will be directing.

Anyone who has played at Lee's Bridge in the past 12 months is eligible to play. But YOU MUST BE ON MY LIST before game day.

If you require any assistance, please contact me at , or or phone me 416-274-1752 (after 11:00 a.m.). If you email me, be sure to INCLUDE your phone number so that I can reach you.

Temple Sinai, 210 Wilson Ave (MAP)

Located just east of Bathurst between Bathurst and Avenue Rd. on the north side of Wilson.

Special requests or information:
Call us LEE DAUGHARTY at 416-274-1752

COST: $11.00 or buy a set of 10 tickets for $100.00

No membership fee.

We will be happy to find you a partner.


  • We are asked not to park at the back of the Temple or along the 401 wall. 14 of the handicapped spots will be available for our use.
  • There is also street parking on the streets that run parallel to Wilson immediately south. 1st street south is Burncrest Dr, from Kelso to Allard. Also the second street south of Wilson on McGillivray Ave (north side only).
  • Burncrest & McGillivray can both be accesses off of Clyde Ave (the street opposite the exit to Temple Sinai parking)

Welcome to Wayne's Bridge World, an ACBL sanctioned Duplicate Bridge Club
Hosted by Wayne and Joyce Ruttan for Intermediate and Beginner level players.

Virtual Club Games starting at Wayne's Bridge World!

Wayne's Bridge World holds VIRTUAL games every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm.

These will be hosted at You and your partner will be allowed to sign up for these games beginning at 5:00 pm. These will be 24-board games and the price will be US$5 per person. Anyone who has played at Wayne's Bridge World within the past 12 months and is an ACBL member is eligible to play. But YOU MUST BE ON MY LIST before game day.

Gentle Intermediate games with Wayne

Come on your own. A Partner is always guaranteed.

TIME: Tuesday evenings - 15 minute lesson is given at 6:45 PM sharp and game starts at 7:00PM, ending at 10:00PM

LOCATION: Temple Sinai, 210 Wilson Ave (MAP)

Located just east of Bathurst between Bathurst and Avenue Rd. on the north side of Wilson.


We all enjoy playing bridge on:

  • Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons (12 noon) with Lee
  • Tuesday evenings (6.45 pm) with Wayne & Joyce Ruttan
  • Wednesday evenings with Lee (7 pm)


Exciting news!!! You can play with Stephen online!
We've developed a Virtual Bridge Club that's easy to use. If you need any help, then Robin, Doug, Susan, and I will help you get online and assist you getting started. Do not be reluctant to start playing... we'll help you through it. Just send us an email at: and we'll respond.

  • Tuesdays: Play and Learn (Supervised) at 12:30 p.m. (Masterpoints: 0-20)
  • Thursdays: Easy Duplicate at 12:30 p.m. (Masterpoints: 0-100)
  • Thursday Eve: Game Night 499'er at 7:00 p.m. (Masterpoints: 0-499)

Please come a bit early.

Cost $11 per person/game payable at the door.

We have games ALL year round! Partnerships arranged!

Come join friendly, enthusiastic players eager to learn and advance our love of the Game!

Stephen's Bridge Club -    Director: Stephen Laufer   Tel: 416-729-8600   Email:

We are so grateful to our volunteers: Robin Stephens, Susan Trumper, Alan Packard, Ann Katz, Lorraine Eaglesham and all others. We are always in need of more volunteers on Tuesdays to fill in or answer questions for the newer players.

Have questions? Need a partner? Contact Stephen at